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The Castleberry Peace Institute depends on its donors and supporters to carry out its mission to promote education and research on peace and conflict. Your gift can help to bring speakers to campus, provide scholarships to promising students, support graduate and undergraduate assistants, host conferences and events, and strengthen our research programs. If you would like to donate to the Institute, please visit this website. You will find several funds for the Castleberry Peace Institute and for the Vivian Castleberry Trailblazer Scholarship you might donate to. If you wish to donate to the Vivian Castleberry Trailblazer Scholarship, please go to Our funding priorities include:

Enhance research opportunities. The Peace Research Laboratory requires computing hardware, software, and archival material to enable faculty and students to conduct studies of pressing issues relating to national and international security.

Support for the 'Peace, Democracy, and Human Rights' lecture series. The CPI's mission to educate and empower the UNT community is enhanced by our ability to invite public figures and renowned scholars to speak about current topics relating to peace, democracy, and human rights.

Scholarships for promising graduate and undergraduate students. UNT students need financial assistance to finish their studies, participate in internship opportunities, and finish their dissertations and theses. Donor support can help students in need of assistance to succeed.

Support for study abroad opportunities. Learning about peace, democracy, and human rights is reinforced through study abroad opportunities. Donors can help fund life-changing experiences abroad.

To learn more about opportunities to help, contact James Meernik, Director of the Castleberry Peace Institute, Professor of Political Science at UNT at

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