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Research Projects

Peace and Justice in Colombia

The Castleberry Peace Institute and faculty members James Meernik, David Mason, Jacqueline Demeritt, Amalia Pulido Glen Biglaiser, and Lee Walker are partnering with colleagues from EAFIT University (Administration and Finance School and Technology Institute), the Pontifical Bolivarian University, the Museum of Memory (Museo Casa de la Memoria) to study the impact of the peace agreement the Colombian government recently signed with the largest of the guerilla armies -- the FARC, or The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. We will be jointly hosting a conference on peace and justice in Colombia in October, 2017 in Medellin, Colombia that will bring in experts from around the world. We will try to understand how our knowledge of peace processes and justice after conflict have worked in other post conflict environments, and apply this knowledge to the Colombian case. We believe this conference will be just the beginning of an ongoing partnership with our Colombian colleagues that can help us develop common research projects, a study abroad experience for students and the publication of our conference proceedings.

Issue Correlates of War (ICOW)

Led by Dr. Paul Hensel and funded by the National Science Foundation, ICOW is collecting systematic data on territorial, maritime, and river conflicts around the world over the past two centuries. The project has already identified over one thousand disagreements and is studying what makes each one valuable to the involved countries and how these countries have managed their disagreements. ICOW project data sets have already been used by dozens of scholars studying international conflict and conflict management, shedding light on the situations where armed conflict is most likely as well as the most effective ways that these situations can be managed or settled peacefully.

REUNational Science Foundation, Research Experience for Undergraduates

The UNT National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates (NSF-REU) program on Civil Conflict Management and Peace Science is funded with grant of $347,078.00 for the period 2011-2013. The program is one of only two political science NSF-REU sites in the country, and the only one dedicated entirely to issues related to Comparative Politics, International Relations, and Peace Science. The aim of this program is to provide research experiences for undergraduate students from all majors with an introduction to research in the broad area of civil conflict management and peace science. This eight week, in-residence program at the UNT campus in Denton, Texas, includes workshops on theory building and computer simulations, research design and analysis, and graduate school preparation. Further the program includes opportunities to present participant research results at local and national conferences. Dr. John Ishiyima coordinates the program.

Correlates of War National Material Capabilities Project
Andres Enterline and Michael Greig direct the COW National Material Capabilities project, maintaining the data set that is the most widely used academic resource for measuring the power capabilities of nation-states and the changes in those capabilities over time (dating back to 1816).

Transitional Justice: Victims, Sentencing, and the International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia
Kimi King and James Meernik have a series of research projects on the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY). Among these studies is one on the role of victim testimony on sentencing in ICTY war crimes, including especially sexual violence crimes. James Meernik and Kimi King are seeking funding to develop a comprehensive database on the eight major international tribunals that have been established since World War II to prosecute individuals accused of war crimes, genocides and other crimes against humanity. This project will be an international resource for research on transitional justice across different time periods and different conflicts.

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