UNT Students Present Research on Peace and Conflict in Colombia | Castleberry Peace Institute

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September 12, 2019

UNT Students Present Research on Peace and Conflict in Colombia

Our students did a truly outstanding job at the student research conference at the Pontifical Bolivarian University, in Medellin, Colombia, September 12, 2019. Not only did they present some fairly complex theoretical and statistical analyses of the conflict and violence in Colombia, they did so in Spanish. We are so very proud of them for all of their hard work on the research, the many hours they invested in making their presentations shine, and their poise while presenting. They really made UNT proud today - everyone was very impressed by them and the students from UPB who did a great job too.

In order of presentation, our students are:
Victoria Nevarez - "Movement of the People: Violence and Internal Displacement"
Jessica Lucas - "Sexual Violence During the Colombian Conflict"
Enrique Martinez - "Violence and Security in the Contested State"

A great big thanks to our partners at UPB on the student research conference - Porfirio De Jesus Cardona and Carlos Builes!