Willingham Scholarship | Castleberry Peace Institute
December 5, 2013

Willingham Scholarship

In January of 2013, Regina Willingham, a UNT alumna who went on to earn a Master’s degree from the United Nations’ University for Peace in Costa Rica, established the Willingham Peace Studies Scholarship with a generous donation. That endowment will allow us to offer tuition scholarships to deserving graduate students whose primary course of study is in the area of peace studies. The Willingham Scholarship will be a major boon to our efforts to recruit the best graduate students into our program. Despite the quality of our program, we are at a disadvantage in recruiting graduate students because the stipends we can offer are rather modest and, unlike most universities, we cannot provide tuition waivers to students who are awarded teaching and research assistantships. Regina Willingham’s generous gifts will enable us to begin remedying that disadvantage and enabling us to compete for the best students. Beginning PhD student Robert Allen Becker is the first recipient of a Willingham Scholarship, and we hope he will be the first of many to join the ranks of our alumni, some of whom are highlighted in the “Purveyors of Peace” story in this newsletter. We are all grateful to Ms. Willingham and her family for their support of our program and for her own commitment to peace studies and peacebuilding programs.