Leaders in Peace Research | Castleberry Peace Institute
December 5, 2013

Leaders in Peace Research

A recent article in UNT’s Research Magazine featured the Castleberry Peace Institute, the peace science projects being conducted by faculty and graduate students at CPI. The article also provides an overview of the institute’s history, inspiration, and ongoing projects. One of the projects highlighted is the Social Conflict in Africa Database (SCAD), directed by Dr. Idean Salehyan. SCAD is exploring the links between climate events (e.g., droughts, floods) and social conflict in Africa. SCAD data have also enabled them to analyze patterns of violence surrounding elections in Africa. Michael Greig’s work on peacekeeping operations and mediation efforts highlights CPI research on how civil wars can be brought to an earlier and less destructive conclusion. Doctoral student Angela Nichols is completing her dissertation on the impact of international criminal tribunals and truth commissions on post-conflict peace and reconciliation. Nichols is also working with Dr. Jacqueline DeMeritt and recent MA graduate Eliza Kelly on the impact of women’s status on the stability of peace in the aftermath of civil war.